An Introduction to Completely Independent Distribution

For the last decade Completely Independent Distribution has been the leading force in the creation, marketing and distribution of licensed band and character t-shirts and merchandise across Europe.  Founded in 2003 to service the then neglected retail music t-shirt market CID has grown into a business that has generated over £45 million at retail and during this year alone is expected to sell 2,000,000 units to retail and online stores.

Based in the UK, with dedicated sales teams throughout Europe and Scandinavia, CID has grown into a multi-focused retail and ecommerce business, offering access to the major EU markets with established relationships with all the major music-related retailers both on and off-line as well as offering a range of ancillary services such as web-store management, production services and direct despatch.

Our fulfilment centre in the UK has been created with the needs of our partners in mind and we work day-in and day out to tailor our business to our clients’ requirements. We offer an extensive range of production services in-house, including garment printing, bagging, tagging and labelling.

In addition to traditional sales functions CID offers a number of alternative sales solutions. These currently include a direct dispatch service, marketplace management for retailing through the likes of Amazon and eBay, as well as sales opportunities through our online brand, and our co-branded partner sites.

These ideas and this method of operation have meant that Completely Independent Distribution has grown to become the leading music and character merchandise distributor in Europe.

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Our Business

Our business is built around our partnerships with our licensors. We sold over one million T-Shirts in our last full trading year and that number is growing dramatically year on year, as we start to open new sales channels and service those we have already cultivated as efficiently as possible.

Retail T-shirt and Merchandise Distribution

Our main role is to help our clients get the most out of the retail market in Europe and beyond. To achieve this we act as a retail production and distribution partner for our international clients in the UK and throughout the EU. We handle the production of retail stock for many of our clients and coordinate the sales and distribution of their products for all of them.

We work closely with large and small retailers traditionally based on the high street or exclusively found on the internet in Europe and have unique access to many of these customers that allows us to introduce and launch new ranges and help break new ideas into the retail market.

Product Development

The company has its own design team and product specialists that can help source, develop and produce ranges for license owners for the European market.

We understand that the design and style of merchandise reflects the essence of your brand and is a critical component of your identity. The right design needs to be in keeping with your vision, attract your audience, and be part of a cohesive marketing plan. With that in mind, the creation of artwork and design is the starting point for us.

Completely Independent Distribution offers a design team with the diverse capabilities to design a wide variety of merchandise lines. Full service state-of-the-art design/graphics studio with highly skilled and technically knowledgeable design staff who are able to address each individual client's ideas and style and have the ability to work within a deadline-oriented environment.

Ecommerce Sales

CID offers our licensors and customers a number of ways to improve the sale of t-shirts and merchandise using the online marketplace.

In partnership with our licensors we are able to offer full-service webstores for any artist that requires it; with our dedicated team handling everything from the design of the site through to hosting, order fulfillment and customer service.

CID's e-commerce team can also offer key retailer partners co-branded ecommerce solutions enabling them to offer a diverse range of t-shirts and merchandise to their customers through a fully managed system where our team handles all the logistics for them.

In addition CID offers all its products direct to the public through its own online store, and represents over 100 bands through its official band webstore service.

Want more details about what CID can do for you

For more information about how CID and its services can improve your business why not give us a call on +44 116 284 4752 or get in touch using our contact page.